Beat your record time in Uphill Rush 7

The flash game series called Uphill Rush has been breezing tremendously in the gaming world. There are three reasons why it is very popular and successful. One is because of the involvement of vehicles used for racing which most of us dream to be driving or dream to have now or in the near future. Second is because it offers thrill and excitement with the features and graphics presented. Last is because of the fact that it is all about speed. If you are craving for speed-related games, you will surely love the series’ seventh offering which is entitled Uphill Rush 7. This has a complete title of Uphill Rush 7: Uphill Rush Waterpark.

Uphill Rush 7 (1)

Uphill Rush 7 (5)

As mentioned earlier, it has something to do with racing in different tracks and different vehicles. There are 12 races in the game and there are different types of vehicles you can use such as motorbike, truck, quad bike and a skateboard. Your goal is to cross the finish line with the best and fastest time possible to earn a high score. You can engage with this game if you click

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