Clear all the colored shapes in Color Cleaner 2

Color Cleaner 2 is the second edition or installment from the flash game series called Color Cleaner. Obviously, this game has something to do with colors and shapes. Since this is already the second installment, you can expect for more variety in terms of graphics and gameplay. This game has been existing online since 2012 and has been serving great entertainment to many gamers around the world.


There are 40 levels that you can enjoy in this game. But before you play, you must be aware of the things that you have to accomplish in this game. There will be colored shapes given in each level. All you have to do is click the object that is hindering or blocking the pattern. You must match the shapes according to their colors. Each level is progressing which means the difficulty is progressing too. You have to be mindful about the number of clicks that you have in each level.

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