Crush the zombies into pieces in Earn To Die

One of the most in demand theme that are highly and greatly incorporated in different entertainment mediums existing now. There are three reasons why it is a hit among a great number of audience and gamers. One is because of the mystery behind the creation of this creature. There is no evidence yet of their real life existence and that somehow adds to the excitement among curious minds. Second is because they are meant for entertainment and last is because of the fear that they bring among us that enables us to be aware of life as it is. Earn To Die is the flash game that possesses zombies as one of its features.


Desert is where the game and the story revolves as well as the players location of objective. As the player, you need to strive for survival by bumping, crushing and smashing zombies using three different vehicles. These are the small hatchback, old pickup truck and a cool heavy pick up truck. Unleash your driving and smashing skills as much as possible so that you can find a safe place to stay. Enjoy playing this game by searching for it online.

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