Cursed Treasure 4: place the towers right

In fictional movies, jewels bare super powers that must be acquired to gain control. It is like an amulet that protects or strengthens a character. However, Cursed Treasure 4 only contains normal jewels. It is a difficult game for beginners but strategic players will surely love it. The game is a defense type where you will be a general that must protect its jewels across the map by installing towers that attack the enemy.

This is hard because you can’t just put the tower anywhere you want. Miscalculations can cause the enemy to endure your defense line and get the jewels. When it happen, they will back to the path where they came with damaged health so you can kill them easily. But if they come in wave, the jewels will be picked up from the dropped point and it will be snatched easier. So Cursed Treasure 4 is like a relay so be sure to place the towers right.

Cursed Treasure 4 (5)

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