Deliver The Cargo In Train Mania

This is an amazing game where you need to transport cargo from one point to another. And you will do that by train. Have you every driven a train? Well, this is your opportunity to try! But you need to be very careful, because terrain is wavy and you need to transport the cargo safely to your destination. You have to be careful not to drop it. First you will load your train with cargo.

Train Mania (4)

Here you need to be careful, too, because it can fall out. While you are driving through the hills, you need to keep a good balance. You will do this with your arrow keys. After very tricky journey you need to deliver cargo. Deliver it safely and your level will be completed. Train Mania is a very interesting game and you will love it! On the internet you can find some MORE HINTS to help you through the game. Enjoy!

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