Duck Life 2 online

Are you looking for a game to spend your free time? Do you have like racing games? Then try to play Duck Life 2 and experience the fun of training a pet. Train the duckling in four skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. Training your duckling will make him fast in all of these skills.


In Duck Life 1, the story began when a farmer’s farm was destroyed by a tornado. Having nothing left but an egg, he decided to train the duckling when it came out from its shell. He trained it in the skills of running, flying and swimming. The purpose of the training was to be able to join and win in races and tournaments. He will use his winnings to reconstruct his farm.

Having won the tournaments, once again play as the farmer in duck life 2 and train the duckling once more. But this time, train it not only in running, swimming and flying. Train him too in the skill of climbing. Your ducking has to be well trained before he can join the world races. However, take note that your duckling has a limited Max Level; that means it is the highest level that your duckling can attain in each skill. You can upgrade the Max Level by ten for fifty coins. Or you could win in any race in each country in the World Championship.

When you play duck life 2, you will compete in five countries consecutively: Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan. Each competition has three rounds wherein your duckling’s skills will be tested. Scotland is the qualification round of the world’s championship while Japan is the final. In each country, winning in any round will gain you fifty coins and a mystery package. And each country grants the winner a raise in the duckling’s level limit.

As you train, do not forget to collect coins along your way. You can use the coins you collect from training and your winnings in the races to buy food for the duckling, to upgrade your Max Level and to buy accessories in the shop. You can play Duck Life 2 for free on sites that offer free games.

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