Find the answers to the mysteries in High School Detective

Are you familiar with the flash game called High School Detective? Do you know what this game is all about? If you don’t have an idea, it is acceptable since the purpose of this article is to inform a lot of readers and gamers about this game. High School Detective is a flash game about discovering answers to certain mysteries or happenings that need solutions. This is actually the first edition from the game series with the same title.

There are two reasons why you will love this game. First is because of the involvement of mysteries and second is because of the chance it gives to players to be a virtual detective. The High School football player and a celebrity were poisoned. The principal hires you to be the one investigating the incident. You will have to unleash your detective skills as long as you can. Try to talk to people around the school, collect evidences and formulate formidable findings.

High School Detective

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