Find the necessary treasures in Red Beard

Are you familiar with Red Beard? Do you know what is this thing all about? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will eventually be enlightened as you read the article. Red Beard is a flash game which is actually the second edition from the cute and entertaining game series called Red Beard. There are two factors why this is entertaining. One is because of the features and graphics involved which are not painful to the eyes. Second is because of the challenging platform that players will experience. Please rely on the next paragraph for more elaboration about this game.

red beard (3)

The main character in this game is a pirate who is red beard which will be the role of the player who will be dealing with this game. Your mission is to find the treasure in the platform. But before you can reach the treasure, there will be obstacles along the way such as monsters that will scare and eliminate you. Utilize the weapons you have and you will find in the platform to defeat the monsters. There are different environments that will be implemented in different levels such as a ship, jungle or a desert. If you are excited to play this game, you can simply visit

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