Freeway Fury 3

If you are looking for games that will make your adrenaline rush, try your driving and jumping skills in Freeway Fury game series. See if you can finish all highways. You can find freeway fury 2 in Plimpi. And in Freeway Fury 3, not only are you in a rush to finish, authorities are after you as well.

Freeway Fury 2 (4)

The third installment of Freeway Fury starts off with a news video where the fugitive is now wanted by the police. You play as the man who keeps on jumping from one vehicle to another when the car he drives cannot get through. You can jump from one vehicle to another as many as possible. Be careful as you jump for it will be game over when you fall. Take note too that bumping into other vehicles will give you points and damages as well. Do not let your vehicle be damaged too much for when your vehicle breaks down, it will also be game over. To avoid too much damage, change vehicle as often as possible and do not crash too much.

Freeway Fury 3, like its prequels, is easy to control. Simply use your left and right arrow key to steer vehicles. To transfer or jump to another vehicle, press and hold the Letter Z key and the arrow key corresponding to the direction of the vehicle you want to jump on. You can earn Nitro by performing certain stunts. Press the Up arrow key to use the Nitro you have earned.

Freeway Fury 3 is an upgrade of Freeway Fury 1 and Freeway Fury 2. It is also available on the App Store. See for yourself if you can run after the aliens who intend to kill all earthlings. You can also find Freeway Fury 1 and freeway fury 2 in Plimpi. Play freeway fury 2 in Plimpi for free.

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