Get a nap place in Hobo Brawl 3

Survive through the streets as police chase Hobo after he escaped from jail in Hobo Brawl 3. Trash everything that stands in your way. Create deadly combos you have never seen. Utilize Hobo’s killing machine skills and escape the police to find a good place to nap.

Hobo Brawl 3 (1)

The game starts off with Hobo, taking a nap and a policeman wakes him up with a baton. From that point on you will have to make your way out of the city and find better spot to take a nap. Fight with cops, gangs and even bystanders throughout the game. Use the arrow keys to navigate your way out. Use A to punch and pick up and throw things, and use S to kick. You can use combination of the two to unlock sick combos. As you progress in the game more combos come out and you will be using more keys. You can also pick up fallen cops and gang members’ gun and use it against their allies. As you proceed, more enemies will be having guns, running faster and hit harder. And there are stages where you will have fight off a helicopter that unloads more enemies. After finishing a stage you can get a code where you can continue if ever you get killed. After you finish the whole game you can set the difficulty higher to test if you are really a killing machine or just a bully who picks up on the small fries. Adjusting the difficulty will make the enemies’ damage higher and have more health.

Hobo Brawl 3 is an addicting game that will get you hooked up in creating chaos and making everyone scream for their lives. Kill everyone, trash everything. Get Hobo a place to nap. Do not press on your keyboard too hard, or you might break it.

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