Guide the lovers in Shorty Covers

If there is a flash game that involves love and action, it is the one called Shorty Covers. This is a pretty unique shooting game that features lovers going on a mission. But before the game proper, let us discuss two reasons why people will love playing this game. One is because of the fact that this is a shooting game and utilizes different shooting weapons. Two is because of the involvement of love despite the hostile environment which only proves that two is better than one.

shorty covers (2)

The game proper and details are written on the next paragraph. Go ahead and read the whole article now! The main characters in this game are Vinnie and Shorty. Vinnie is on a mission to defeat and kill enemies as many as he can using his sniper skills but going againsts an army is not an easy thing. Fortunately, there is Shorty who is Vinnie’s supportive girlfriend. As they go on a mission, Shorty will cover Vinnie and vice versa in any given situation until they are on a safer location. Continue knowing more about this game by searching for it online.

Shorty Covers

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