Help the baby in Baby Bonnie Ballerina

As we all know, young girls have different dreams. Some want to become an actress. Some like to be a singer while other want to engage with the performing arts. Ballet is one form of art where some kids are engaging at a young age. There are two reasons why Ballet is a great art to perform. One is because it is a good way to express oneself through movements which are free and sometimes, calculated. Second is because of the discipline it installs to anyone who will be engaging with it.

Baby Bonnie Ballerina is a flash game which tackles a simple dream of a baby to be a ballerina. People say that it is better to start a specific passion at a very young age which is being implemented in this game. Baby Bonnie is dreaming of becoming a ballerina but before she reach for it, she must undergo certain process. But before that, the players must feed, dress and bathe Baby Bonnie as well as train her by teaching necessary moves in Ballet. This game is a good way to raise awareness of the importance of an early development of one’s passion or skills.

bonnie ballerina

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