Keep the stick man alive in Vex 4

They say that a series becomes tougher and longer as it progresses with the editions released in different times. It is true enough which will be greatly explained by the game presented in this article. The name of the game is Vex 4. Obviously, this is the fourth serving from the series called Vex. There are two reasons why the mentioned series is very popular among players around the world. First is because of the involvement of a stick figure as the main character which really captured the hearts and attention of gamers around the world. Second is because of the gameplay that really blown the minds of players who have engaged in the series.

This time, the features are upgraded and the gameplay is improved or leveled up to challenge the players. The players now will have the chance to choose from different characters that they want to control and navigate. You can choose a male, female or kitten stick figures. There are 25 levels to conquer at


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