Match the gems in Jewel Match 3

A gem or a jewel is a precious thing that most of us are fond about especially, women. For them, it symbolizes grace, glamour and perfection that most women are trying to achieve on different positive ways and forms. Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds are examples of these gems that are existing at the moment. There are two reasons why they are considered precious.

First reason is because they are not easily found and processed. Second reason is because they are expensive and hard to destroy. There is a flash game that incorporates these gems and it is called Jewel Match 3. In this third edition from the bedazzled game series called Jewel Match, the player’s mission is to match similar gems and clear them out of the screen to score. The story features a young girl named Luna. She has a mission to bring back the magical land by utilizing the gems. Help Luna with the mission and play this game by searching for it online now!


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