Never ending game in Flappy Bird 3D

Have you encountered games that are simple but difficult to finish. One example is the flash game called Flappy Bird 3D. But do you know the purpose of a game like this?The purpose is to progressively challenge the players to their limits. When you say progressively challenge, it means that a player is improving a notch higher every attempts he or she makes. The concept of Flappy Bird 3D is to test the patience and skill of a player in handling and maintaining the bird’s movement as much as possible. This is indeed tiring mentally but the joy comes eith the level you have achieved in your attempts.

Flappy Bird 3D (5)

If you notice, the title of this game has 3D in it which means that the game is upgraded into another level in terms of features and graphics. The objective of this game is to fly the bird through the pipes. It may seem simple and easy but in reality, it is tiring and needs a lot of concentration or focus. The challenge is to keep the bird flying and passing through the pipes endlessly. The triumph pertains to the number of pipes you have passed through from the previous attempts.

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