Run, jump and hop furiously in Flood Runner 5

Do you want a game that will make your heart beats fast? Well, if your answer to the question is a yes, then Flood Runner 5 is the game to play. This is actually the fifth version from the very addicting and thrilling running game series Flood Runner. There are three reasons why gamers will like or love this game. One is because it will give you surprises. Two is because it will challenge you. Three is because it will make you exhausted or gasping for air even if you are just playing virtually.


Your mission as a player of this game is to reach the safe exits or portals in order to advance in the next level. You will have to run quickly and precisely so that the lava, flood and giant that are chasing you will not drown you to death. There are obstacles along the way such as bats, snakes, bananas and spikes. There are things that can help you advance faster in the game such as surf board, trampoline, shield and glider. Play fast and furiously at

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