Search of the all knowing bug in Journeys of Reemus 2

Slay slugs, bugs and all the creatures never existed in Journeys of Reemus 2. In the return of the adventure puzzle game, you will help Reemus and Liam once again, this time to search and ask the All-knowing parasite why are the monsters back and why are they causing destruction on Earth. Solve mysteries and puzzles, find ways to get out of trouble and think outside the box to succeed. Click on objects to help Reemus and Liam throughout their journey.

Journey of Reemus 2 (3)

You will be dealing with exotic creatures and plants that will surprise you. Use them to create openings or make use of them against themselves. The only clue that you will get is in the dialogue and when you click objects so it is not advisable to skip the cut scenes. This game will challenge your wits, your ability to improvise and utilize the objects around you. For those who wants to work out their eyes and mind this is one game you must try.

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