Win battle in Strike Force Heroes 4

Are you a shooting game fanatic? Then you must be playing the Strike Force Heroes game series. It is one of the best shooting games you will find online. Your ultimate mission is to kill all enemy soldiers by shooting them. You must kill or else you will be killed. You will surely love the gameplay as well as the high definition graphics. Only, it is not advisable to play it on slow computers for you might end up waiting.

From the first installment, a lot of improvements were made installment after installment. Missions were added making the game as challenging as ever. The graphics were also enhanced and enriched. And in the fourth sequel, new environments were made and much more interesting.

There are two ways to play Strike Force Heroes 4. First is the Campaign mode. Playing the Campaign will not be too hard if you have the right weapon for the mission and the competent team. You will unlock weapons whenever you finish a mission. Or you may buy them in the game shop using the cash you have earned while playing. You can also win powerful and unique weapons in the slot machine. These powerful weapons will do great during the battle. The second mode to play Strike Force Heroes 4 is the Challenges mode. In this mode, your skills will be put into test. You will be facing death matches where you must survive. You will unlock additional skills whenever you finish a challenge. Nonetheless, if you are ready to give up your soldiers, you can purchase skills in the game shop using your soldiers.


Every mission in the game is unique and different from one another. There are missions where you are tasked to kill a certain number of enemies, or you will be given a specific duration to kill, or to earn a certain number of points, and a lot more of objectives. Some of the objectives may even be combination of two or more.

Strike Force Heroes 4 is as addicting and engrossing as its prequels are. It is not plainly shooting; you also need to use some strategies and techniques. What more, playing the game is totally for free. No payment for anything or no need to create any account.

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